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Divorce lawyers love Facebook.  For good reason.  It makes them a lot of money these days!  In the Wall Street article, mentioned in the above article, the number of divorce papers that had Facebook, as some of evidence submitted, was staggering - over 1/3 of separations and divorce filings attribute that site as one of the factors that led to splitting up.  The popular social media site has been cited as one of the leading factors in initiation of emotional affairs(which are rising at an alarming rate in this tech obsessed world we live in) which eventually led to physical infidelity.  Couples who didn’t go the whole route of splitting up often found themselves entangled in messy emotional affairs that they never initially intended to participate in.  Facebook is only one platform.  Emotional affairs are one of the fastest growing threats to monogamy and there’s good reason why many people are ending up in couples counselling after experiencing it.  

Although it is mainly women in committed relationships who are more vulnerable to entering emotional affairs (due to their natural tendencies to want to talk and share), it’s not restricted by sex, males are prone as well, especially if they’re natural good listeners and/or if they are prone to discussing intimate details of their relationship with people outside the relationship.  Platonic friendships differ from friendships that are at risk to develop into emotional cheating zones in that they are public and there is no secrecy to those friendships.  They are public.  Platonic friends share and post freely in public on social media sites and unless there’s a real emergency or highly sensitive issues (terminal health, abuse, etc.), there shouldn’t be a need to communicate strictly through private messages and keeping a friendship secret from your partner.  If a friendship is strictly platonic, there would be no issue with informing your partner about what’s being communicated with your platonic friend. If you feel the need to hide your friendships from your partner, there is something wrong and needs to be addressed, if you value your relationship more than your ego.

Recognize that no matter how much trust that is shared between both of you, all relationships take some hard bumps along the road.  That fact alone illustrates that all relationships can be vulnerable to infidelity and it takes two very determined individuals, who truly want to be together, to work together for a common bonded resolution when they enter rough waters.  Genuine, honest and open communication is key.  Science trumps human egos on this issue which many couples are dealing with, have dealt with or will be dealing with in these modern, technological times.  (Google “evolutionary psychology” to educate yourself further)

From the above article: “ It puts temptation in the path of people who would never in a million years risk having an affair.”

Conditions of an emotional affair:

  • Keeping private details of the relationship from spouse.
  • Saying and doing things that wouldn’t be done in presence of spouse.
  • Sharing thoughts and feelings with someone other than spouse
  • Making efforts to spend time alone with this other person.

Emotional affairs can be accurately called silent relationship assassins.  They all start out iocently.  Before one knows it, you’re embroiled in something that you never thought would happen to you and puts your relationship in serious danger and then you’re both right in the relationship kill zone.  Be proactive and be informed.  Your relationship benefits more that way.  While no relationship has any guarantees of long-term success, there are things that everyone can do to try and prevent the often blind climb to the slippery slopes towards emotional affairs.  We all know that being in a long-term relationship is not the easiest thing to do - it’s smart to not add fuel to uecessary, preventable fires for that fact alone.  If you value your relationship, it’s not ever a bad idea to consider taking some preventative actions towards long-term success.

Didn’t Know Facebook or social media could cause so much damage to any relationship